This week’s Cracked Flash Fiction prompt was the wonderfully enticing words

 You have about ten seconds to explain why you pretended to…

Feeling that the only way to finish that sentence was with the words “be me.” I started to build a story around that follows below the break. I hope you enjoy it!

A Sweeter Man

“You have about ten seconds to explain why you pretended to be me or I leave you forever.” Sarah stood over her seated sister Alyson. Her pale skin bright against the deep red chair.

“Because you deserved better.” Alyson sipped from her goblet. “He was one of those guys who always had a cigarette in his mouth. His blood was filthy.”

“That is not the point.” Sarah turned towards the bay window. Despite the curtains being pulled across, she stood as if the view was clear. “I chose to be his bride. I wanted him.”

“I brought you the priest. He was much sweeter.” Alyson took another drink.

Sarah looked back at her sister. “Men of God are always sweet but I wanted him, my husband to be.”

“Even though he didn’t notice he was marrying your sister rather than you.” Alyson couldn’t help but smile.

“So he was an idiot.”

“No, he was scum.” Sarah wanted to slap Alyson’s goblet out of her hand but it was such a waste. What made it worse was that Alyson was right. He wasn’t good enough; the priest was far better prize. Sarah took her goblet from the table between their high backed chairs and drunk it dry. “Get me another?”

Alyson smiled again. Sarah’s request was the closest thing she’d ever get to an apology. She nodded, “with pleasure.”

Sarah rose from her seat and walked across to the wall where the Priest had been pinned in the shape of his saviour. From the blood that dripped from his side, she refilled her sister’s cup.

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