This week’s Microcosms was hosted by me after I suggested looking through the lyrics of Science Fiction/Double Feature – the opening song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show – for elements to inspire some flash. I ended up with Tarantulas and Androids Fighting along with the returning Steampunk genre. Together they came together to inspire Android Tarantula. I hope you enjoy!

Android Tarantula

“Want to see the greatest fighting droid ever?”
Clearly drunk, but yet I’m interested. I’ve loved the Droid Pits since I was young, the crash and clash of brass on brass. “Yes of course.”
“In here.” He taps a beautiful polished box. The only thing he seems to care about; the rest of him is filthy. “An Android Tarantula. Unbeaten in every port across the seven seas.”
Never seen a spider droid before. Never seen a droid with legs. “How does it fight?”
“Why would I reveal my secrets? Especially to a man I’ve never met. I could face you in the Droid Pits tomorrow.”
I wish. My dream is to fight droids. I lack the skill to build my own. I have the money though.“We could be business partners.” The words sound so grown up. I cannot believe I am the one speaking them. Father would be so pleased.
“What skills do you bring?”
“Money.” I drop my money bag on the table. The echoing thud just emphasises my position. He half bites.
“That could be a bag of nuts.” His hands waves me to throw the bag towards him.
“Let me see your droid.” Negotiating like my dad. He would be so proud.
The drunk pushes the box towards me, stops and does not complete the move until my money bag is within his reach. We both grab our prizes. I hear his hand among my gold and seems to have no complaint. I click open the fixings of the wooden box. Wait a moment before opening the lid.
Inside is a Tarantula, a normal, boring spider. “You said…”
The drunk is gone, so is my money bag.

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