Today I finally sent off my entries to the Answers on A Postcard competition, part of the Nairn Book & Arts Festival. The idea behind challenge is to write a story or some poetry on the back of a postcard. As I enjoy a bit of flash fiction so I thought I’d give it a try. In the end I submitted two entries to the competition. Below the break you’ll find out what these are!

The First Postcard

My first entry was a slightly updated version of my 50 word tale Departures, a story that I first wrote for the Scottish Book Trust 50-Word Fiction Competition. Today however, I want to talk about the new story I wrote for this competition

The Second Postcard

When I first heard about the competition, I had this idea of writing a story that could be a postcard. My attempt is below.

Glasgow was as amazing as you said it was. I even got to see the Duke and his ‘hat’! It was as silly as you said it would be. I wish I could have shared it with you, mum. I still miss you. Can’t believe it has been a year. Julie xxx

Author’s Notes

What I like about my story is all the stuff that isn’t stated in the words. A lot of the backstory is off ‘screen’ but I think is clear from my words. I hope the same can be said about the emotion Julie feels about no longer having her mum around her. My only worry about the tale is that it is too meta and people will just think it is a misdirected postcard.

If you see either of my postcards during the Nairn Book & Arts Festival, please take a photo of them for me!

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