Breather on Board
Image by Achim Scholty from Pixabay

Microcosms 171 came out the same week as Scooby Doo, Where Are You? first appeared on TV. Of course, this meant that the writing contest would be inspired by elements from Scooby Doo. Suitably I got the following

  • stoner
  • ghost ship
  • comedy

From these three elements I wrote my story Breather on Board. It didn’t do brilliant with only recognition for the story in the results round up was this line:

“Space cakes.” Her hand becomes a rocket which follows the same trajectory as her imagined fly.

Maybe comedy isn’t my thing. I hope you enjoy my tale, anyway.

Breather on Board

Clang! Clang! Clang!
The sound reminded Midshipman Smythe of the death march if it was played badly by a toddler on kitchen pans. What was scarier was the lack of bodily panic symptoms. His heart hadn’t tried to explode. His stomach hadn’t emptied like a freshly flushed toilet. Nothing was doing nothing in fact. Peter, the welcome guy, had warned him about this but it took some getting use to.
“Is that her Midshipman?” His Captain pointed at the blue haired girl hitting the ships pipes.
“Yes Sir.”
“Madam.” The captain pulled herself to the full height of her tall frame. “How did you get on board?”
“I don’t know man.” She didn’t look at the captain. Instead she gazed off to the left, as if following an excitable fly.
“Madam, I am very much not a man.”
She blinked three times, each time she forced her eyes as wide as she could. “You are so pale…wo-man. Did I get that right? Wo-man.”
She giggled to herself.
The Captain did not see the funny side. “Madam! How did you get on board this ship?”
“Space cakes.” Her hand becomes a rocket which follows the same trajectory as her imagined fly. She takes the same level of interest.
The Captain groans. “Midshipman?”
“Yes Captain.” He clips his heels together, disappointed at the lack of noise. Another thing he has to get use to.
“Go find the Chaplin. Tell him to prepare for a bio-exorcism. I won’t have a breather on my ghost ship.”

Let me know what you thought of Breather on Board in the comments below!