I’ve been meaning to enter Microcosms ever since it started at the beginning of the year. However, for a number of reasons I never quite managed it but then on Friday I managed to produce something within the time limit. The contest works by providing you three story elements of character, setting and genre. However, if you don’t like the three suggested that week you can use the Microcosms spinner and see what three elements chance throws you. This week chance threw me

  • Character: Reality TV Star
  • Setting: Burning Building
  • Genre: Drama

Using my 100 words (plus or minus ten) I wrote my following story Celebrity House which you’ll find below the break

Celebrity House

The fire alarm didn’t stop. The Intercom confirmed what all the production team already thought. “Fire. Please leave the building.”Everyone left in a single opening of the door except for Tom. He needed to make sure she was ok, his star of Celebrity House. He hadn’t heard of her when she’d entered the show. The first time she entered the hot tub in that bikini, he’d fallen in love with her. She was there now surrounded by her house mates, unaware of the fire in the next building. He had to know she was safe. Smoke started to creep in under the office door.

Author’s Notes

My original idea for the story was to do my own version of Charlie Brooker‘s zombie drama Dead Set but with fire instead of zombies. However, this never came about in the writing as I never seemed to escape the production office – which is a nice way to sum up of my story! Once I realised the story would be set only in the production office I started again with a main character called Stacey but she was quickly dropped in favour of Tom when I went down the more lustful angle. The reason for this was so I could name the character after what he was doing – being a peeping tom.

The Results

Sadly Celebrity House didn’t place with the only reference made to it by the judges was judge CR Smith liking the line:

“The intercom confirmed what all the production team already thought.” – Stephen Shirres

Hopefully I’ll do better next time I enter.

What did you think of my flash fiction tale Celebrity House?

Celebrity House, @The_Red_Fleece‘s first entry into @MicrocosmsFic weekly #FlashFiction Contest (Tweet this tale)