In my introduction to my Cracked Flash Fiction tale Chief Witness I mentioned how the story kind of just followed from the prompt

That was the dumbest assassin she’d ever seen

The main reason for this was because it is the perfect line for a hard boiled crime story (the literary version of film noir.) However I was still left with quite a bit of work to do as with only 300 words it is quite difficult to write a decent who-done- it with any kind of tension. Find out how I did it below the break

The Plot and Characters

With only 300 words I needed characters to stand out with little to no characterisation. I started straight off the bat with Samantha Bogart who made female as usually private eye’s are male. The next was the beat cop Ray with one of my favourite lines I’ve written recently

Ray, a copper more doughnut than competence

I imagine him looking like something like Police Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons without the yellow skin of course. Ray didn’t any more characterisation as he is no more than a plot device to get Sam talking to The Chief. Phillip, the dead body is also ‘just a plot device’.The main part of the plot is the conversation between Sam and the Chief himself.