Thanks to work and life in general I don’t have time to enter Cracked Flash Fiction at the moment. However, the other week on my way home from a great day seeing friends I saw their prompt

That was the dumbest assassin she’d ever seen

and words started flowing resulting in my tale Chief Witness and a late night. The former of which can be found below the break.

Chief Witness

That was the dumbest assassin she’d ever seen and Samantha Bogart had seen a lot. The assassination was so bad she knew who the killer was right away. She took a cigarette from the crumpled packet in her trench coat to settle her nerves. The wind killed her lighter twice in as many seconds.

“Got what you need?” Ray, a copper more doughnut than competence, asked.

“Aye.” Sam took a last look at her former client. Poor Philip, he liked women more than his wife but nothing more.

“Well the Chief wants you gone.”

“I’ll make sure he dismisses me himself.” Sam left Ray to his next doughnut. The Chief sat in his posh sport car. Tonight it had her top on. The passenger seat empty though. She stamped out her fag on the rough concrete and got in.

“I want you gone.” The Chief snarled.

“And I want money.” Sam said as if it was obvious.

“And why should I give you it?” Still snarling.

Sam held out a gloved hand. The ring finger held a silver signet ring in place on her palm. The Chief went the same colour as the metal. “You already know where I found it.”

The Chief nodded. “How much?”

“Two thousand should cover what I’ve had made out of Philip’s dirty photos. A bit heartless to charge his wife now don’t you think.”

Another dumb nod. Sam was more interested in the cheque the Chief was writing out. With a tear, it was in her hands. “Why?”

“He was sleeping with my wife.” There was nothing more to say. Out of the car Sam made her way back to Philip. She knelt down for a final goodbye and returned the ring to where she had found it.

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