Corridor of Doors

corridor of doorsThis week seems to have been a week of submissions. My latest is my first entry to Cracked Flash Fiction Weekly contest for 2016. Below the break you’ll find my flash fiction tale Corridor of Doors inspired by the opening line:

“Don’t Open That Door.”

You might recognise one of the characters from my story The Odd Looking Man In A Green Velvet Coat. Whether you do or not I hope you enjoy!

Corridor of Doors

“Don’t open that door.” I did it anyway. A corridor of doors and a staircase down the middle was my reward. The shouter stood at the top, an odd looking fellow in a green velvet coat. Too nice for a man with his reputation. I was glad for the cold metal against my ribs. “What do you want?” “The children,” I replied. “They’re mine by fairy law.” “I don’t follow your law and neither does this.” I took out my gun. His laughter echoed off the walls. A sound that would make dead men shiver. Whimpering told me the effect it had one of the children behind each door. I squeezed the trigger anyway. Nothing happened. I wasn’t surprised. I knew the rules of fairy law. Time for plan B. “Can’t harm me. All these children are debts paid by their parents.” He hopped with glee. I replaced my gun with a gold coin. “A wager then. If I can leave a mark on your body the children go free. If I don’t you get all the gold I own.” “All of it?” I nodded. He jumped down the stairs and snatched the coin out of my hand. A bit later he agreed. “Deal.” “Shake on it?” The odd looking man lets his left hand flop into mine, his eyes still on my coin. I gripped his small fingers tight making sure my silver ring pressed hard against his skin. A scream of pain won me the bet. I made sure before I let go. A short strip of scabbing red marked his palm. “That looks like a mark. Give me the children.” “Have them.” His snarl lasted longer than his presence. He disappeared with the corridor of doors, leaving behind a school’s worth of children.

Corridor of Doors, a tale of #flashfiction first written for @CrackedFlashFC by @The_Red_Fleece (Tweet this tale)


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