On the 3rd of October 2015 I first entered into the Cracked Flash Fiction realm – a weekly flash fiction competition that takes place every Saturday when they post an opening line to inspire a tale no longer than 300 words. I’ve done quite well in the competition winning once and getting a few honorable mentions along the way.

Winning Stories

Cracked Flash FictionRed For Oscar Author’s Notes FREE “How many times do I have to be shot before you’re happy?” I rubbed the dull pain out of my chest. The same description could be used to describe our movie set: a soon to be ruined drinks reception made out of papier-mâché and sugar glass.

1st Runner Up

Cracked Flash Fiction TalesCampfire Stories Author’s Notes FREE Smoke drifts into the star filled sky. Flame devils dance between the fire’s blackening logs. “And then.” Toby becomes a whisper, pulling his audience of five friends closer.

Cracked Flash FictionMother’s Voice FREE “Are you sure about that?” The little voice that echoes around my head, nibbling away at me over and over, minute after minute, what I do. Some days I’m gratefully for my own personal warning system.

Honourable Mentions

Cracked Flash FictionCorridor of Doors FREE “Don’t open that door.” I did it anyway. A corridor of doors and a staircase down the middle was my reward. The shouter stood at the top, an odd looking fellow in a green velvet coat. Too nice for a man with his reputation. I was glad for the cold metal against my ribs.

Too Many Superheroes - Author's NotesToo Many Superheroes Author’s Notes FREE “I thought we were special.” Bluebottle spun slowly in the air. His feet tied to a meat hook in the ceiling of Bloodnok’s secret lair. “Now every Tom, Dick and Harry seem to be a superhero. There is even a Superhero Team called that.”

The Rest of My Cracked Flash Fiction Tales

Dungeons of the Mind - Author's NotesDungeons of the Mind Author’s Notes FREE ‘I told you he had a dungeon’ I wanted to say after he died but it wasn’t suitable, decent, whatever word you want to use. I’m not even sure most folk would know what I’m talking about. At the end he was sleeping on friend’s sofas, his last night was on mine.

DirtExercise FREE I dig my fingers into the dry ground. The soil feels soft and real but I can’t be sure. Nolan said the only way to be sure was taste. They can’t control taste. Not yet. My tongue dashes out and in like a lizard tasting the air. I taste sweetness.

PeppermintPeppermint FREE “I can do it, but I’ll need a jackhammer and all the peppermint you got.” “Peppermint?” Lucy threw up her hands. “You wanting protection from bad breath or something?” “Well it is the most likely thing we are going to find in that old place.” Murray pointed up at the old stained house.