Crossword Clue
Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

Back in October 2016, the Scottish Book Trust’s 50 Word Story Challenge asked for writing inspired by this image from Markus Spiske. You can find my attempt below called Crossword Clue.

As usual, I didn’t win, but I hope you enjoy my tale.

Crossword Clue

Imitate round dance, finally leads to disaster (10). The last clue to the last crossword. Once complete, my newspaper will go the way of everything else. Don’t even need to recycle it. Apocalypse. How suitable. I finish my tea, leave everything neat and go outside to join everyone else.

Author’s Notes

The hardest part about writing this story was coming up with the crossword clue. Dyslexia and crosswords don’t mix well. I’m not sure if I’ve ever completed a crossword, to be honest. However, a combination of Google and a dictionary got me what I wanted.

Once I had my crossword clue, I had to make my idea work. I like writing clever stories but they can fall into one of two traps. The first is they simply don’t work because the author either gives the reader too little or too much information. The first is confusing and the second results in a so-what feeling. The other trap is that the story becomes all about the cleverness rather than being a story.

The second trap is the hardest to avoid, especially when your tale is fifty words long. There simply isn’t the words for in-depth characterisation or scene setting. At best, I can sketch hints which the reader can build a fuller picture with. While I think I managed this, in the end the reader is the ultimate judge of whether I was successful

Let me know what you think of my story Crossword Clue in the comments below