For its 38th week Microcosms went a little bit different (and a little bit Bruce Springsteen) by reducing the number of elements down to two. Out went character and setting to be replaced by the titles of Bruce Springsteen songs which were to be the title of our flash fiction. I didn’t quite manage a flash fiction length story submitting only 58 words which you can read below the break

Dancing in the Dark

“May I have this dance?”“Of course.” She steps into his arms. No music starts, only notes in their heads to the chorus of 1234, 1234, 1234. No one is watching. A dying sun their only audience. Embers burning out in time to their steps. A final curtain of darkness draws ever closer. Life will go out dancing.

Author’s Notes

Dancing in the Dark is very different to what I normally write being very imagery based with no real story. Normally I’m a very plot based writer but the image of dancing in the dark felt it would be diluted if characterisation and the other themes needed for a plot based tale were introduced. Simplicity is key here.One of the way I achieved this simplicity was to write the Dancing in the Dark in a single sitting with only basic editing for spelling. If I did two or three edits – which is normally for Microcosms entries – I would over work the imagery making it either over stuffed or take out what makes it work in the first place.


Sadly Dancing in the Dark wasn’t what the judge of Microcosms 38 was looking for so beyond having the line “Embers burning out in time to their steps” being picked out as one of the best of the week, I didn’t place.For those wondering what the Bruce Springsteen song Dancing in the Dark sounds like you, check out the video below

What did you think of my image based tale Dancing in the Dark? A nice change of pace? Let me know in the comments below

Dance into the Dark with @The_Red_Fleece‘s micro fiction tale (Tweet this tale)