Microcosms added an extra – and in my opinion quite brilliant – element to Microcosms 72. The usual three elements were based around Greek mythology so asked us to create a new “myth” on the following topics:

  • Good
  • Evil
  • Our origins
  • Life
  • Death
  • The afterlife
  • The underworld

My story Dancing the Night Away is a 275 word noir/mystery tale of a Musician in a Cave written to the soundtrack of Irish Folk. While it doesn’t explain death it gives an idea of what the journey might be. You can read the story below.

Dancing the Night Away

I’ve played gigs in the crummiest of places and tonight wasn’t much better but that wasn’t the point. I was here to find him and my fiddle was the only way in. The cold tried it’s best to make me forgot but what do you expect from a cave. Colder than the dinner when my Da discovered about Ma’s night with Lauren. My Da on his deathbed as well.

Calling this place The Cave was a little dull. Putting a ‘the’ in front of something doesn’t the thing any more exciting. Least they could save money on a sign. Instead a brown-skinned woman with fir green hair the consistence of moss stood outside. She showed me to my soil stage and watched me tune. No chance to search the place.


I haven’t thought of a lie a woman hasn’t seen through so I nodded and hoped I’d see him on the dance floor. My audience didn’t look ready though. Death looked warmer and happier. I stuck up my strings with a slow one, a wee waltz to see who could move. They all stepped up to the beat so faster I went and they kept up. The game continued for the rest of the song till they were dancing like young lovers. Happiness lifted their features and ages. On my final note they collapsed into their partners except one. For a moment I didn’t recognise him, his illness lifted to reveal the young man underneath. Yet still had a grip death-cold grip.

“Well done lass.”

“Da? What are you doing here?”

“Dancing my final dance so get playing like I know you can.”