Drone Racing

Microcosms is back! After a break of far too long Microcosms 165 appeared out of nowhere and I couldn’t not enter. The three elements I ended up getting were

  • Character – Jockey
  • Location – Hive
  • Genre – Sci fi/Fantasy

Using these three elements I wrote the story Drone Racing you’ll find below. I still don’t like the title but it did well enough to get a special mention. More on that and why I hate the title in the Author’s Notes following soon!

Drone Racing

“Beings from across the universe, welcome to Apoidea for tonight’s race.”
The voice booms throughout the hollow hive, shaking ruins of honey from overly clean hexagons. The racing bees below will be shaking in their tight stalls. Hachi always did. The crowd around me don’t care. They scream and howl at the booming voice’s commend.
“Who’s that I spot in the crowd? Jockey Theodora Lucas.” A drone camera buzzes about me. “Suffered a nasty fall in our last race but has made a full recovery to take a streak of no deaths to one thousand races.” The voice extends the number for as long as it can.
The number is a lie. Only certain species get included in the statistics. There are deaths every race.
“A wave for your fans Theo.”
I give the biggest, most dramatic wave I can, catching the camera. It spins out of the control, shakes itself stable and zooms off down to the start line.
“Two races in a row you’ve hit a camera Theo. Carefully now.” The voice laughs. Each note bores into me. He won’t be laughing soon. I tap the edge of my atmosphere googles. The right lens tunes into the camera drone I hit earlier. My bug has control, claiming the rest of his colony. Red dotes fill my google display.
“Let the countdown begin. Five.” The crowd joins in.
“Three.” Every camera drone positions themselves in front of the starting gates.
The starting horns drown the Hive. The gates fly up. The racing bees and their riders zoom forward. The camera drones do the same. The riders don’t realise until it is too late, until the drones are ripping through their flesh. The way the bolt gun did through Hachi.

Let me know what you thought of the story in the comments below