Dungeons of the Mind

Cracked Flash Fiction’s weekly competition. With their prompt

“I told you he had a dungeon.”
Now after a short misstep I managed to pull together a short story that was very different from the usual thing I write for these competitions. I’ll go into this more when I come to write my Author’s Notes post after the results have been announced on Wednesday. For now you’ll find my entry to Cracked Flash Fiction below the break.

Dungeons of the Mind

‘I told you he had a dungeon’ I wanted to say after he died but it wasn’t suitable, decent, whatever word you want to use. I’m not even sure most folk would know what I’m talking about. At the end he was sleeping on friend’s sofas, his last night was on mine. The thing is I’m talking about a different kind of dungeon. Not a place made out of bricks and mortar but a social construction. Yet he still couldn’t escape. Everyday I wish I could travel with him there to see the demons that would always drag him back. I saw the means day after week after year, yet never the reasons. Maybe if I knew I could have helped him more. However, that was the problem with his dungeon; he was the only person who could ever travel there.

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Dungeons of the Mind, a flash fiction story by @The_Red_Fleece (Tweet this tale)


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