Ernie the Absent Minded Postman

For Microcosms 69 I went all romantic with my tale Ernie the Absent Minded Postman. The story also uses the elements of Postman and a Castle – thus the title and the picture on the right. Anyway I hope you enjoy this fairy-tale inflected tale.

Ernie the Absent Minded Postman

Ernie the Postman always had a rest before the final stop on his round: the castle on top of the large hill. From the bottom the castle seemed to touch the sun. However, neither the height nor the steepness put Ernie off. Hope powered him up the steep sides. The hope he could finally meet the lady who lived in the tallest tower directly above the main door. Every day, as he walked up the hill, he could see her waving at him, her beautiful auburn hair flowing down her back. Yet every day, he was disappointed. He got to the door, pulled the bell rope, and the posh, stiff butler answered the door. Today would be different, Ernie told himself. Today she would answer. His rest over, he started up the hill. As always the sky shone around the castle ramparts. As always she waved from the balcony of her tower. Half way up the path became steeper but Ernie kept his pace. Soon the castle hid the sun completely bringing shade to the mid morning. At the main door Ernie was faced with the two thick ropes. One, almost black, operated the castle door bell. Ernie wasn’t sure what the other auburn brown one did. He’d never needed to use it. He looked up, but didn’t see her looking down. Maybe she was waiting by the door, waiting for him to ring the pull. He pulled the door rope, and hoped. The door opened to disappointment. The stiff butler stood as always, his hand out for the castle’s post. His only words were a short sharp “Good day, sir.” Tomorrow would be different, Ernie told himself.]]>

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