Forest by Moonlight

Last Friday I again entered Flash! Friday with my story Forest by Moonlight. I’m sad to say the usual results. All entries had to be between 240 and 260 words and use at least two-story elements inspired by the Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle. The story element options were:

  • Conflict: man vs man
  • Character (choose one): arrogant detective, retired doctor, a lord under a family curse
  • Theme (s) (choose one): cunning, guilt, superstition
  • Setting: isolated country manor

The story below used the elements of Man vs Man, arrogant detective, a retired doctor and guilt. You can decide how well I wove them into my tale.

Forest by Moonlight

Snap! The echo bounced off the dark forest tress. I knew what was coming next. Sean Graham, our self-elected leader because ‘he was a detective’, signalled us to stop. The other two followed us instruction, shotguns readied on trees.

“Quiet.” Graham’s shouted whisper smacked me in the face. “How are we meant to kill this creature if you can’t stay quiet?” Graham’s finger stabbed into my chest. I didn’t want to kill the creature, I didn’t want to be here. I hated wolves, always had done. The old doctor’s dead body only confirmed my feelings, my insides filled with concrete.

“You walk exactly where I walk therefore so won’t have any more broken twigs. I don’t know how you’d cope without me.” There was no point in arguing.

The night was interrupted by the moon’s reflection; white pools decorated the forest floor. Graham stopped us again. “What was that sound?”

I placed my hand over my sleeve, trying to cover the sound and let someone else answer. Marshall took up the offer. “Sounds like ripping.”


The clouds folded away. The moon sat large in the sky. The concrete flooded out of my body leaving my insides turned and twisted. Pain tore across my stomach. The rips became roars. My hands burst with pain, my gun crashed into the ground.

“Can’t you stay bloody quiet!” Graham red with anger turned white. “What the fu…”

A giant fur arm smashed him from his feet. His body crumpled into the nearest tree. I threw back my head and howled at the moon.

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