This week I took part in Flash! Friday’s Warmup Wednesday challenge which was to write a story exactly 100 words long, no more or no less, inspired by the picture on the right with a theme of destroying and/or saving the planet, in honour of Earth Day. The story that I submitted was called Green on Dead and got lots of positive feedback. You’ll find the story and my Author’s Notes on the piece below.

Update: – Green on Dead has now been published on Friday Flash Fiction as well and you can read it here.

Green on Dead

My Original Intention

I knew the story I wanted to tell when I sat down to write Green on Dead and the core of that story made it through to the final draft. The one thing that did change was the ending, with the hopefully finish I’d imagined turning into something much more nihilistic. This change came about during the writing of the first draft due partially to a lack of words and just liking the way the story was writing. I feel the new ending gives Captain Dyce a more rounded character with hints of PTSD that you’d expect someone to have in a her position.

Captain Dyce

Talking of Captain Dyce she is the other major change from the original idea. It was during the first draft that Dyce become female. The reason for the change was to get away from the stereotype that characters in this kind of situation are assumed to be male. I’m not qualified to say whether the gender change makes this story a feminist piece but I like to think it is a small step in the right direction.

The Title

Finally I want to talk about the final addition to Green on Dead – the title. While I probably shouldn’t admit this I came up with the title two seconds before I pressed submit, yet it is one of my better titles. The reason is that, in many ways, it sums up the story in three words  while also touching on the military aspect of the story because it sounds similar to the term used to describe attacks on NATO forces by members of the Afghan security forces.

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Green on Dead, a flash fiction tale by @The_Red_Fleece & his thoughts on the story (Tweet this tale)