I entered my third Microcosms tale of flash fiction last week with my 108 word tale Honeytrap Apples. As always with Microcosms I had to use the three prompt to craft my story and as usual I got mine from their spinner as their suggested were quite hard – their words not mine! The three I got were:

  • Character: Gardener
  • Setting: Orchard
  • Genre: Horror

Using the prompts above I came up with the story you’ll find below the break!

Honeytrap Apples

I hate this part of my job. The ladyship doesn’t need her orchard protecting at night. She’s lost more gardeners than apples since the trees were planted ninety years ago. “But they keep me alive dear,” she says.
A footstep on damp grass echoes through the darkness. I run after the noise. A short figure, hooded in black, is reaching towards one of the apples.
“Stop. These apples are protected.” By me, I want to add but that isn’t much of a threat.
The figure does as I ask before walking towards me. “I know dear. I’m not here for one of my apples. I’m here for you.”

Find out how my story got on, and what my favourite part of the tale is below the break!

Author’s Notes

From the moment my three prompt words came up I knew the kind of tale I wanted to tell, the kind of twist on a fairytale that Neil Gaiman has become famous for. In fact my title, Honeytrap Apples, was inspired by his story Snow, Glass, Apples. If I had more words I would have described the apples as honey coloured to suggest they aren’t ordinary. My favourite part of my story is the title. I really like Honeytrap Apples and I might well expand it into a longer short story in the future. The core idea could certainly sustain a longer story and with more words I can really push on the fairytale horror of the story.

How did I do?

Sadly my story didn’t place this week although Judge D. E. Park did like the line:

“I know dear. I’m not here for one of my apples. I’m here for you.”

At least my story had some kind of impact. 

What did you think of Honeytrap Apples? Would you like to read a longer version of the story? Tell me in the comments below.

Honeytrap Apples a #flashfiction tale by @The_Red_Fleece for @MicrocosmsFic (tweet this tale)