Ironstone Livi 50 didn’t have an author’s note and thought I should correct this. Well here is me correcting that right now. Also what better topic for my fiftieth post! To celebrate Livingston‘s 50th Birthday in 2012 Ironstone, West Lothian’s creative writing magazine, decided to commemorate by inviting people to submit up to 50 words set in or inspired by Livingston, one of Scotland’s New Towns. My entry was selected and posted on the Ironstone Livi 50 Website.

My relationship with Livingston has been mixed. As I stated in my post Night Sessions in Linlithgow I’m from Linlithgow and there is a feeling in my home town that Livingston always gets everything while the other towns in West Lothian were ignored or sometimes pillaged. For example West Lothian College, which is mentioned in my piece, once stood in Bathgate before being more to Livingston back in the early 2000s.

Putting my negative feeling for a place into what is meant to be a celebratory piece of writing does seems a like odd, however, my aim was to present a picture of how others see Livingston. My original draft was much harsher than the words you see above. This was thanks to some feedback I got from a friend who actually lives in Livingston and helped me towards the more ambivalent ending which I really like.

The final thing to say about my Ironstone Livi 50 entry is a question to the folk reading this post. Should I include my 50 words to Livingston in my 50 Word Flash Fiction Collection I’m presently writing? Let me know what you think below!