Yesterday I again entered into the Flash! Friday comp, this time with a story inspired by the latest Star Wars trailer!  The prompt from Flash! Friday was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland themed with the two of the following story elements required in the entry:

  • Conflict: man v society; man v man; man v logic (not gender specific, and I made that last one up Just Because)
  • Character (choose at least one): a curious girl; a violent, capricious ruler; an odd cat; an extremely ugly and angry duchess; a rude host; a man on trial for minor theft.
  • Theme (choose one): childhood, nonsense, logic, justice, nature, death
  • Setting (choose one): Victorian England, a dream world

I picked the story elements: a violent capricious ruler; nonsense and logic. I hope you enjoy the tale below.

Jack of Nonsense

“Are they true? The stories?”

The blue fire curls and straightens in the dark. Jack almost cuddles the flame to keep warm. He is sure the trees are moving in closer too.

“What stories?” The words float down from the bright red tree, nearest to Jack, long and deliberate, like a cat toying with a mouse. “This land has many stories.”

“The one about her? The girl who brought nonsense back?”

“Oh her.” The cat gives an impossibly large smile. Around him the flowers lean in to listen. “Yesssss, of course they are true like ravens and writing desks. But nonsense has always been here. Not even the Queen of Hearts could stop that. She had no more control over logic as I do over…well…” His voice trails off into the blue tinged darkness.

“Over what?” Jack swots away a rocking house fly.

“What indeed? The war was about jam tarts and rose paint, not the nonsense you mean.” The smile grows larger.

“Jam Tarts? But the Queen of Hearts was capricious. Off with their head and all that.” Jack runs his finger along his throat.

“All leaders say that. I lost mine,” The cat’s head rolls onto his paws. He plucks off his ear and holds it out into the night. “You’ll be losing yours’ soon I hear.”

In the near distance comes the thump, thump, thump of a marching army. Jack grabs his spade headed spear. It’ll be useless against the army of Chessmen approaching. The Cheshire Cat disappears into a wink.

What did you think of Jack of Nonsense? Let me know in the comments below

Jack of Nonsense, a flash fiction tale by @The_Red_Fleece (Tweet this tale)