Little Black Book

Little Black BookOn February 24th I entered Microcosms 60 with a crime tale about a night manager in a sleep easy motel. From the last sentence can you guess my three elements? Let me know in the comments below and what you think of my story in general, which you’ll find below.

Little Black Book

The Sleep Easy Motel comes alive at night. During the day, it’s patrolled by cleaners and their products. At night, under my watchful eye, it’s home to the troublemakers and the lovers, the drinkers and the late night partiers. All recorded in my little black book. Most of the names are fake. Politicians are always the most fun to watch coming up with their chosen name for the night. As if anyone in my position wouldn’t know who the Chancellor of the Exchequer is! Whoever they are, I make sure their real names go beside their chosen fakery. I’ve got to pay for my pension somehow. His hello is a quiet cough, a small man who would disappear into a crowd in an empty room. My office is too small to lose anyone in sadly. I close my little black book before asking, “How can I help you, sir?” “I’m looking for my wife.” “What is her name? I’ll place a call to her room.” I lift the phone to show willing I don’t feel. He coughs again. “I don’t know.” “You don’t know your wife’s name?” I make sure my eyebrow reaches peak arch. All a part of the game. “I don’t know what name she used to check in.” He steals a glance at my little black book. “Then I can’t help you, sir. I’m afraid the only person who may look in here is me.” The man gives another of his most annoying quiet coughs. The gunshot is no louder. “Good, because The Chancellor requires her privacy as much as anyone else.”]]>

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