Mother's Voice

Mother's VoiceThis week I managed to get an entry off to Cracked Flash Fiction with my tale Mother’s Voice. This week’s opening line was

Are you sure about that?
Basically written in one sitting (with a quick re-daft about half an hour later) you can read my entry below the break.

Mother’s Voice

“Are you sure about that?” The little voice that echoes around my head, nibbling away at me over and over, minute after minute, what I do. Some days I’m grateful for my own personal warning system. Other days I wish it would…well a word Mother doesn’t like at all. Go away as she would say. “Are you sure about that?” The words are out before I even close the door. I add extra speed to drown it. The crash of wood into the frame doesn’t make any difference, just a whimper that it speaks over. “Are you sure about that?” The only time the voice went silent was when my Counsellor asked what it sounded like. He had to wait a week for the answer, long enough for the voice to forget the question. When I told him my list of words like near, judgmental and female, he asked me what my mother sounded like. I told him the truth as mother taught me to. He nodded and wrote it down in his notebook. The wrong thing but he wrote it down. “Are you sure about that?” “Yes” I shout. I don’t normally shout, Mother doesn’t like it. I don’t normally reply at all but today is different. I have something much bigger under my magnifying glass than my usual spider. Even bigger than my hamster and my cat. I open the door again to check he is still there, my Counsellor bound and gagged. He said horrible things about my mother. “Are you sure about that?” Yes, yes I am.

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Mother’s Voice, a #FlashFiction tale by @The_Red_Fleece, written for @CrackedFlashFC (Tweet this tale)


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