Thanks to Steph Ellis‘ dislike of clowns this week’s Microcosms had a bit of a circus theme and a longer word count of 200 (+/- 50 words). I didn’t use the spinner but used the three elements Steph got when she spun the Microcosms spinner. They were:

  • Character – Puppeteer
  • Setting – Subway
  • Genre – Fantasy

Using these three elements, the picture in the top right hand corner and inspirational tales I came up with my story One Thousand and One Graffiti Nights which you’ll find below the break. I hope you enjoy it (and if you do please give it a like on Microcosms!)

One Thousand and One Graffiti Nights

Last orders!” The shout is met with groans, finished drinks and goodbye hugs. Half way home I stopped at the concrete tunnel under the motorway. The subway walls are a cluster of colourful graffiti lit by a harsh yellow light: A pig outlined in red, a young girl with blue arms and her older sister with a red heart mouth. Opposite them is a puppeteer. No taller than his God’s knees, the puppet jumped out an exciting tale. The old man was stuck in his blue box as it got smaller and smaller, his last words were a goodbye to his best friend.” The puppet became a mime, his little wooden hands revealing his ever shrinking world. “But she wasn’t listening, she was thinking, working out how to save her friend.” The graffiti characters leaned in, wait they leaned in, like they are alive. I tried to shake the alcohol from my brain but the filter will not go. And I’ll tell you how she did it tomorrow night.” A sigh blows through the subway. I join in. The puppeteer and his puppet both hold up a hand. “Only if you stay where you are, in your own realm.” And me?” I ask. He turned to me. “You’ll have to come back tomorrow night.” I did as he said, the same time the next night and the night after that and the night after that but his tale never ended.

Let me know what you thought of One Thousand and One Graffiti Nights in the comments below

One Thousand and One Graffiti Nights, a #flashfiction tale for @MicrocosmsFic by @The_Red_Fleece (Tweet this tale)