Tonight’s Cracked Flash Fiction Competition gave out a hell of a prompt with an opening line of

“I can do it, but I’ll need a jackhammer and all the peppermint you got.”

Where do you take an opening line like that? Well you can check up thoughts below the break!


“I can do it, but I’ll need a jackhammer and all the peppermint you got.”

“Peppermint?” Lucy threw up her hands. “You wanting protection from bad breath or something?”

“Well it is the most likely thing we are going to find in that old place.” Murray pointed up at the old stained house. “Come on, before it gets dark.” He vaults over the fence and starts up the path. The stones are being reclaimed by dirt and weeds. The lawn is swarming in from both sides. Ice has split the half dozen steps to the front door. Murray stops, unable to take his eyes off the gargantuan wooden slabs that acted as doors. Who needs doors that big? He feels like a child in an adult’s world.

“Not getting scared now are you?” Lucy joins him at the top of the steps. Her hand out to push the doors open yet her flesh never touches the wood. The doors crackles open by itself.

“The wind?” Murray steps behind her.

“Couldn’t be anything else. Come on.” Lucy grabs his hand and pulls him inside.

Dusk has come early to the inside of the house. Shadows rule over every surface. They follow the path of the open doors to an empty room with a long object at its centre.

“What is that?” Lucy walks up to it.

“No idea.” Murray brushes the smooth side. “Wood I think.” He taps the tops. An echo reverberates out from the box. Lucy does the same and feels the cold brass of hinges.


The lid slowly opens. Crackling laughter rushes out. A pair of white skinned hands pull Lucy and Murray inside. The lids closes as slowly as it opened.

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Peppermint a piece of flash fiction by @The_Red_Fleece (Tweet this tale)