This week Microcosms went all cockney thanks to Steph Ellis meaning that their usual character prompt was replaced by a cockney phrase. This certainly presented an unusual challenge however, one I rose to as you can see below

I was more successful – as far as Microcosms were concerned – with my second set of prompts creating a story that was within the word limit. Using the phrase China Plate, the setting of London – very suitable really – and the genre of horror I came up with my tale Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat. I hope you enjoy!

Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat

Story from post Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat - Author's Notes

Author’s Notes

The problem Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat will have for a long time is that it isn’t Pen and Ink – the first attempt at this week’s competition which I really love. However, there is still a lot I like about this story. For a story of only 106 words I’ve managed to get some foreshadowing in. I also like the fact that I have two clear characters who are quite different to each other – even if George is a bit of an obvious baddie. George was based on the Britain present Chancellor and full time Mr Bean impersonator George Osborne. It was easier to base my posh boy mockney on someone real – especially as I was tight for time.

How did I do?

Sadly Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat did as well as I normally do in the Microcosms competition finishing outside the placing. However, one line of my story was one of the judges favourite lines. As usual it wasn’t the one I thought they’d pick. The line in question was:

“Oh yes. Now to cut the meat.”

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