Remember and Be Damned

Remember and Be DamnedAfter far too long I returned to Cracked Flash Fiction with my Napoleonic fantasy tale Remember and Be Damned. As usual Cracked Flash Fiction provided an opening line you had to follow on from and this week it was:

I found sanctuary with the witches.
Below the break you’ll find Remember and Be Damned so you can see what I made of the prompt. Enjoy!

Remember and Be Damned

“I found sanctuary with the witches.” Two heavy fists crash into the oak table in front of me. Attached to them is a man with too many muscles to be a gentleman. Armstrong is his name. I do not know whether the name or the physique came first. “That is quite enough.” The white glove of the Colonel rests for a moment on Armstrong’s dangerous knuckles before ushering him away from the quaking table. The threat to my personal safety does not retreat. “Now, my dear boy.” The Colonel continues, sounding like my better. “We all know what you went to the witches for. Even a gentleman of my standing knows of their reputation for ‘midnight dancing’.” The activity catches in his throat as if thinking of the act disgusts him. All show for his muscled protector, I am sure. “You are wrong sir. I was on a mission from the Iron Duke to retrieve this.” From my pocket I take out a small glass bottle in the shape of a skull. The interior solution purple in colour. “What is it?” The colonel’s interest in me becomes more than an order from his superior. “Liquid memory sir, like a theatrical photography where the players act out a moment from the past. Bring me a bowl and I shall show you.” The gloved man nods to Armstrong. The bowl provided is shallow and wooden, ideal for the task. Full to the brim the liquid clears to a purple hued camp site and two army officers. The man in the British Army red talks of battle plans and unit movements. The other in Napoleon blue writes it all down in code. They shake hands at the end of the exchange, the Colonel’s white gloves clear to all.

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