Ripples of Choice – Author’s Notes Image credit: Silence by Eddi Van W flickr CC 2.0

About a month ago I entered the first week of Luminous Creatures Summer of Super Short Stories with Grandpa’s Trees. Well after a week of no inspiration and another of too much (the idea was too big for the word limit) inspiration stuck again and I headed back into the Summer of Super Short Stories with Ripples of Choice which you can read below. Enjoy!

Ripples of Choice

“You have a choice.”
The four simple words echo, in stereo through Sally’s head. One is experience, the other conviction. In front of her a lake of blue stretches out, flowers float on the surface. There is no wind or waves yet the flowers move. Sally scoops one up with pale red petals. Yet it is more than that: hundreds of colours and shades, more than humans have named.
“You have a choice.”
Experience is louder this time. Silver hair and sage nods. Love, guidance, wisdom and everything else a mother should be. “Look what is around you. How could you gives this up. Never see a flower like that again.”
The flower is beautiful but sad. An inflection that spreads through Sally. Yes it is beautiful in its natural habitat. Not glass bowls in concrete blocks, left on the side to be forgotten and die.
Artificially white clouds rise behind the crown of petals and mix into the grey clouds. Can’t they see how stupid that looks?
“You have a choice.”
Conviction takes over the mic, all long brown unfarmed hair lacking in shine. Love, lust, friendship and everything else a girlfriend should be. “The flower is beautiful and so are its brothers and sisters. They are all beautiful and free. Help them stay that way.”
Sally follows the white cloud to its source, a black chimney stabbing into the sky. Its hilt more black metal of industry. The reason Sally is here.
“You have a choice.”
The four simple words are in mono now, a single voice of conviction. Sally releases the flower back onto the water, swings her rack sack off her shoulders and opens the main flap. Digital red numbers stare back, two unplugged wires hang below. Sally clicks them into place, red first then blue. The counter wakes up…click, click, click.
“You have a choice.” Experience, pleading.

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