100th Microcosms we went back to the old format and were asked to submit stories that were only a 100 words long. They also went back to the first ever Microcosms to get the elements – which seems a very long time ago now. My contribute to this celebration is my 100 word tale Space Rush. Using the elements of Rebekah, Spaceships and Western, you’ll find my story below. Enjoy!

Space Rush

A cry of joy echoes of over the Great Plains. Rebekah turns to the source of the sound. Re-adjusting her Stetson, she takes another mouthful of water.

Coughing roars now fill the landscape. A final bark becomes a hum. Rebekah watches the black arrowhead rise into the large yellow sun. The symbol of death is now the same as untold wealth. For a moment it hovers before thundering over her head. Another winner of the Roswell Space Rush. That’ll be her one day. It has to be. She picks up her spade and gets back to work.

Let me know what you think of my tale in the comments below