After a break for more months than I wanted to I returned to the world of Zero Flash in May 2016. This month they were looking for stories all about abandoned futures with the use of images like the one on the right as inspire if need be. You’ll notice I turned this jet train into a snowtank but saying any more would be a spoiler so I’ll leave you to read the story below the break.

The Green Truth

The world outside the snowtank’s window is monochrome. Only the grey sky twists and moves. Miller’s radar stays silent; he is alone but shouldn’t be. All the government had to do was follow his tracks.Ping!The radar? Nothing for a whole rotation. The GPS flashes, he’s arrived. The tank’s thermal suit is a size too big for him. He never checked before he nicked it. He did check the drill worked. Heavy, he slings it over his shoulder.Outside is only cold. The ice looks no different. All Miller cares about it is what is underneath. The tank door shuts with a bang. A deep beep echoes inside.The ice boots crunch for a few steps then the drill is slung into the ice. Two revs and the metal cones digs in, spraying hail. Miller counts the seconds until he’ll know.Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop.The whispers echo out of the grey clouds, from what direction he doesn’t know. He knows he should go. Come back later yet he is only moments from the truth, proof he and the rest of the Greeners were right about life under the ice. Thirty centimetres, twenty, ten. The world goes bright, spotlights and booming voices telling him not to move. Thwack of black ropes on ice. Whoosh of abseilers, all guns and covered faces, slamming Miller to the ground, drill off. He can’t see his answer. They pull everything up but the tank, that departs with a new driver. Only the drill hole left. Inside, through a thin layer of crushed ice, blades of green truth.

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The Green Truth is a #flashfiction tale by @The_Red_Fleece written for @fiction_zero (Tweet this tale)