Events that first happened on the 18th of January inspired the 158th Microcosms by events: whether it was an x-ray generating machine first being exhibited in 1896 or the first time an aircraft landing on a ship in 1911. The three elements I used for my 263 word tale, The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe, were Explorer, Island and Journal. The story went down well with this week’s judge Sian Brighal who said,

The title is perfect, and if titles could smile fondly at their story and its main character, then this one most certainly does. The writing style was a joy to read, the tone and language pitched perfectly.

You find out if you agree with them being clicking below

The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe

I arrive at my club on Regent Street and order a Cognac while I wait for my old school friend Prentice. Morris, the shaved sloth my club employs to serve said drinks, breaks his own record for the slowest drink delivery. He must have gone to France to collect the damn thing. Prentice arrived before the drink, so I get on with describing the particulars of my latest expedition. So early are they I do not reveal the name of my intended destination in case he nips off there before me. Indeed, I will not quote it in this very journal for fear of his vandalism. All I shall say is it is an island, unseen by man, according to the man in the Dover hostelry who described it to me. At this point, Prentice, the joker, rather rudely interrupted me to say getting to Dover is the most successful expedition I have ever completed. “Nonsense,” I tell him. Adding that if he were not a friend, duelling had not been outlawed, and I had a glove on me, I would defend my honour with pistols at dawn. The brute laughed, adding “Reggy, old boy, your dreams were always bigger than your capabilities.” Knowing no greater insult could be made against my person, the bugger slumped off to annoy someone else. I’ll show him, I thought. Once I have drunk my Cognac, I’ll get my expedition to the island sorted post-haste. I called Morris over and remind him of my missing Cognac as well as suggesting he adds a light supper to my order.

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