Last Friday I entered Microcosms for the fourth time with my tale The New World. For the first time I used the three prompt words they got from the spinner. They were:

  • Character: fairy
  • Setting: ocean
  • Genre: mystery

With these three words I created the story you’ll find below the break!

The New World

Fey woke to a world of blue. Only the contrast at the horizon reveals where the sea ends and the sky begins. Her home had been the green hills of Éire.
“Fey come here.” A human man she doesn’t recognise calls her to the side of the ship. “See that spot in the distance? That’s America. Our new home.” He hugs her tight. His Irish accent almost lost in the wind.
Fey smiles. Now she remembers why she is on this boat. The first of her kind to reach the New World. A huge achievement for a simple changeling.

Author’s Notes

From the start I wanted to do my take on the changeling myth but the hard bit was working out where to start, especially with a 110 word limit. The spark I needed was to tell the story from the changeling’s perspective so getting me out of a lot of long explanations. It was in the writing that the idea of an Irish family travelling to the USA came about providing me with a neat double meaning to my title. Also it was suitable that a story submitted only a day after St Patrick’s Day should have an Irish family.Once I knew my main character was a changeling I wanted to get a suitable fairy name for them. A quick google suggested the website and their list of fairy names. Fey seemed a nice mix between a normal human name and something a bit more magical.

How did I do?

The short answer is as well as usual with only one line of my tale getting any kind of mention. Interestingly it wasn’t one of the lines that I thought would but hey ho I’m not complaining. The line in question was:

He hugs her tight. His Irish accent almost lost in the wind.

What did you think of The New World? Let me know in the comments below

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