The New World – Author's Notes

The New World - Author's NotesLast Friday I entered Microcosms for the fourth time with my tale The New World. For the first time I used the three prompt words they got from the spinner. They were:

  • Character: fairy
  • Setting: ocean
  • Genre: mystery
With these three words I created this:

The New World

The New World You’ll be able to find out more about my story and how I got on below the break!

Author’s Notes

From the start I wanted to do my take on the changeling myth but the hard bit was working out where to start, especially with a 110 word limit. The spark I needed was to tell the story from the changeling’s perspective so getting me out of a lot of long explanations. It was in the writing that the idea of an Irish family travelling to the USA came about providing me with a neat double meaning to my title. Also it was suitable that a story submitted only a day after St Patrick’s Day should have an Irish family. Once I knew my main character was a changeling I wanted to get a suitable fairy name for them. A quick google suggested the website and their list of fairy names. Fey seemed a nice mix between a normal human name and something a bit more magical.

How did I do?

The short answer is as well as usual with only one line of my tale getting any kind of mention. Interestingly it wasn’t one of the lines that I thought would but hey ho I’m not complaining. The line in question was:
He hugs her tight. His Irish accent almost lost in the wind.

What did you think of The New World? Let me know in the comments below

The New World is @The_Red_Fleece‘s entry into @MicrocosmsFic 12 (Tweet this tale)


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