This week’s prompt from Cracked Flash Fiction was the very simple

I thought that we were special.

With a slight twist on the prompt – you are allowed to change it – I wrote my first superhero story in over a decade. I hope you enjoy!

Too Many Superheroes

“I thought we were special.” Bluebottle spun slowly in the air. His feet tied to a meat hook in the ceiling of Bloodnok’s secret lair. “Now every Tom, Dick and Harry seem to be a superhero. There is even a Superhero Team called that.”

“They aren’t very good though. I defeated them last week.” Bloodnok didn’t divert her attention from the bank of monitors in front of her. “You are quite right though. There are too many superheroes these days. You have no idea who’s who any more. There are about fifty Z Men.”

“All good guys though.”

“Yeah I guess.” Bloodnok flicked a switch. Mechanical gears started to roar. One of side of the lair clinked down to reveal a wall of glass. In the distance countless superheroes dashed above the city saving people. “I just wish you heroes would copyright your names so there was only one each of you. Far easier to keep a track of your arch-enemies that way.”

“That’s a bit dramatic isn’t it?” Bluebottle watched a giant satellite dish raise into view.

“I’m a super villain. I’m meant to be dramatic. How many times have you beaten me because I love a good monologue?”

“Untie my hands and I’ll tell you.”

Bloodnok laughed. “Nice try. I won’t fall for that one again.”

“Well could you least start monologuing so I’m faster defeating you when I finally escape.”

Bloodnok pushed down two buttons with a beep. The satellite dish started to rotate. “For my arch-enemy of all these years? Of course. We were special, the first of our kind, superhero and supervillain. We’ll always be that but in five…four…three…two…one…”

Bluebottle watched in horror as every superhero in the sky fell to earth in a chorus of screams.

“…we will be special again.”

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