Twenty-Three Words

Microcosms 166 had an environmental theme with all the theme suggestions linking into climate change in one way or another. Unsurprisingly this resulted in most of the entries focusing on this topic. I decided to go a different route which got my story an honourable mention from judge Eden Solera in the results round up who said

I enjoyed how this story took the theme of this week and used it in a different way. The 23 words at the beginning really tied this story together and made it stand out from the other entries.

What were the twenty three words Eden mentions? Well you’ll find out shortly but first I should mention the three elements I used. They were:

  • CEO
  • Skyscraper
  • Diary Entry

Twenty-Three Words

You have taught many people
and given strength to feeble hands.
When someone stumbled, weak and tired,
your words encouraged him to stand.

(Job 4:3-4)

Those twenty-three words have informed everything I’ve done, ever since I heard them at Sunday school. Not consciously at first. Martha was the one who made the connection. I miss her.
Today the words haunt me. My to-do list is basically one thing. Make a phone call. Yes, there are other things below the instruction underlined in red but nothing compares. Below me is a skyscraper of people I’ve picked, encouraged and given strength to. Yet today, more than ever before, their fate is in my hands.
The call should make them all rich. Give them the money I’ve only ever promised them. Yet I pause. Every time I go to pick up the phone I pause.
Trust is the main reason I think. The buyers seem nice yet something nibbles away at me. They are your run of the mill corporate types. Grey men in grey suits saying all the right things. Promises, they could deliver. No firings or efficiency savings.
Why does it matter to me? I’ll be gone. Mortgage paid off and the chance to start something new. I don’t even need to look back. Physically or metaphorically. I can move to a new city, a new country even.
Yet those twenty three words haunt me every time I reach for the phone.

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