Last week I entered the #LastLineFirst competition on Natalie Bowers website. The aim of the competition was to write a story less than 200 words that had the opening line:

Sometimes you feel like you’ve just saved the world

The prize, if you won, was that your last line would be the new first line people had to use in the following week’s stories. Sadly I didn’t win but I thought I’d share my story with you anyway, mostly because it has one of my favourite titles I’ve come up with – Victory Sandwich! Enjoy and let me know what you think of it in the comments below

Victory Sandwich

What did you think of Victory Sandwich? Let me know in the comments below

Sometimes you feel like you’ve just saved the world even if all you have done in stop one small company going out of business.

“We’ll sign the contract.” The words become children inside me, powered by excitement. I’ve done it. I got us across that magical, everything will be okay line. A quick nonchalant email to the boss, the boss, announcing the news then off to lunch. The fine detail can wait. A victory sandwich is called for.

The rain teems down, not a single drop can dampen the rush inside me. I dodge between speeding cars to reach Sandwich Mecca, literally the Mecca of sandwich shops. As always I go for the Old Boy – cheese, ham, mayo and slaw – on doorstop bread. Weighty and important, the way a victory sandwich should feel.

The rain outside is heavier, pavements start to flood, cars light up. A quick left and right, and across the road. Nothing can stop the buzz, not even a ten ton lorry, light’s bright. So bright they hold you in place.

Metal on flesh, flesh on concrete.


Victory Sandwich. A piece of flash fiction by @The_Red_Fleece(Tweet this tale)