Photo Credit = Stockholm cityscape. CC2.0 photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho.

Flash! Friday’s weekly writing competition on the 27th of November 2015. I had between 140 and 160 words to write a story based on the image of Stockholm above and included a character that is a hunter. As I’m posting this story so late I’m happy to say that it received a ‘special mention’ from that week’s judges Nancy Chenier and IfeOluwa Nihinlola but I’ll talk about that in my author’s notes for the story.

Where is he?

Her heart booms in her chest. Thirst dominates the rest of her body. All she cares about is where he is. The unknown streets are slick with rainwater. She doesn’t know which are dead-ends or pathways to freedom. Panic as she turns into the same square for the third time. She dashes under the partial built marquee. At the far side, steps and the river beyond. Right now it feels safe. There is always cafes and people down by the city centre rivers these days. Stockholm won’t be any different. “Got ya.” A thick arm, the weight of a leg of beef, crushes her body to his. His breath foul on her face, beer and pickled eggs. Every ingredient has its own stench. “You’re mine sweetheart.” She smiles, revealing her teeth, long and white. She bits down, drinking his blood, his strength, her thirst, away.

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