Short Stories

self published. Every story below has been selected by an editor to be included in a magazine or has won a competition. Drawn Memories and Fogged were re-printed in From the Purple Notebook, West Lothian Writers first anthology. If you would like to purchase From the Purple Notebook head over to the West Lothian Writers website. Quite a few of them are free to read while others will cost you a little bit of money but considering the quality of the stories from other author’s I would highly recommend getting a copy.

Short Stories

Short StoriesBlack and White Night [Untitled] Author’s Note FREE The night is black split by shapes of white light. Between the contrasts, footsteps, slow and heavy, walk. A figure dressed in black from her hair to her boots.


Short StoriesDrawn Memories Far Off Places Author’s Note £1.99 remember to select Issue 3 – Under the Bed My bedroom is being stripped back to its original state. Already most of me has gone. My books, DVDs and clothes followed me to university a few years earlier.


My Short StoriesTruth Spontaneity Author’s Note FREE Eilidh read over the letter for the final time before she folded it in two and placed it inside the envelope that lay on her bed covers. The dry glue felt rough on her drier tongue. She’d never liked the taste of envelopes.


My Short StoriesForest of Cloth [Untitled] Author’s Note FREE Leaves crunch beneath my feet. I’m surrounded by a forest of blank canvases waiting for my art, for me to bring them beauty. My medium, as my fat art teacher kept droning on about, is my knife that glints in the cold sunshine. 



Green on Dead - Author's NotesGreen on Dead Friday Flash Fiction Author’s Notes FREE Captain Dyce walks across the dead land she is responsible for. The whoosh of nuke rockets and the whizz of bombs haunts her. The smell of incendiary fires are burnt into her nostrils.


Short StoriesRed For Oscar Cracked Flash Fiction Author’s Notes FREE “How many times do I have to be shot before you’re happy?” I rubbed the dull pain out of my chest. The same description could be used to describe our movie set: a soon to be ruined drinks reception made out of papier-mâché and sugar glass.

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